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Our providers prescribe a customized program including one or more of below

Prescription Drug Program

This program involves the use of FDA-approved prescription diet pills to curb the appetite and jump-start the weight loss process. It also includes individualized counseling and exercise components.

hCG Diet Program

Our hCG Program is a hormone administered by injection, or sublingually. It allows your hypothalamus to function at a higher capacity and access fat it usually cannot access during dieting. hCG allows patients to lose more fat tissue directly. This causes visible contouring of the body while resetting the hypothalamus thus allowing long lasting results.

Adjusting Your Metabolic Rate

One of the secrets to any weight loss attempt is boosting your metabolism. Starving yourself is not the answer. A combination of a healthy diet and basic life style changes will come together ot help you achieve normal weight.

Low Calorie Program

There are several variations of this program. The standard program is based on the specific metabolism of the patient and is designed for rapid weight loss. Our providers will determine the daily calorie allowance and proved a customized meal plan.

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