Our Weight Loss Program's Process

Step-One: Consultation

The first step to our program is determining if our program is right for you. We will do a physical exam, discuss your goals and realistic expectations. If there is an aspect of the program that concerns you, then you are under no obligation to agree; the consultation is absolutely free. If you are a good fit for our program, then we will work with you to get started. Some insurance select spending plans cover our services, we will give you the necessary documentation to file it.

Step-Two: We provide you the tools

If you start our program, then you will be sent an activation link in your email. From here you will fill out all new patient paper work online on our secure and encrypted website. Once you are finished with your paperwork, then our providers will do a physical exam and you will be provided all the information and medications to get started. You can login to our online patient management system (Synergy Weight), which enables you to log your daily food intake calories, activities, sleep hours, vital improvements and more. This is a new web application that provides you every tool to assure accuracy with our program. This application will allow you to share your weight and fat loss progress with our providers, as well as contact them if you encounter any questions along the way.

Step-Three: Regular in Office Checkups and Consultations

Once per week, you will come in so we can monitor your health improvements, weight and fat loss progress. We can do this through electronic pulses of energy that can distinguish fat, water and muscle in your body. This lets us know what percentage of your body weight is fat; so you can monitor the reduction in your body fat percentage as well. This will also be a time for you to sit with your provider and discuss how you are progressing in our program. We are happy to answer questions, and give you advice if you hit any setbacks. It is important for us to solve any setbacks as soon as possible, and keep you on track to your goal weight.

Key Components of Our Weight Loss Program

FDA Approved Medication

How Weight Loss Medications Can Help You

Your brain is the regulator of your body and it determines how many calories it must have in order to function in its current state of being. In other words its job is to maintain homeostasis. It knows how many calories it takes to maintain its self and so your body craves that number of calories every day.

Have you ever wondered why it is so hard to restrict your calories when trying to lose weight? It’s because your body craves the calories it takes to maintain you at your current weight.

Our providers use FDA approved medications to help your body reduce the craving for calories so that you can learn how to eat smaller portion sizes, be satisfied with those portions, and to make the results life-long results.

Nutrition and Fitness Consulting

Get the guidance you need!

Our counselors want you to succeed by making a lifestyle change in the way you see food and exercise.

We will educate you on your (BMR) currently and what your BMR will be as you become your new self, this way you will have the tools to maintain. We will also show you way to exercise to lose and to maintain your new self. We understand denying yourself of foods you really want will only set you up for failure so we work with you on food choices and help you to gain understanding of calories versus serving sizes. We also show you how to make choices that can satisfy you but also keep you within your parameters.

Weight Loss Tools

Our tools help you count your calories, sleep and exercise daily. You can also monitor your weight loss progress and vital signs all from the web or your mobile.

Hormone Therapy

Hormone regulation can play a large part in weight loss.

Hormones act as our bodies chemical messengers. They regulate all body functions including fat storage. Daily components of life can play an active roll in hormone regulation such as stress, the amount of sleep we get each night, even the exercise we participate in. The amount of visceral fat we have on our bellies can also contribute to hormone regulation.

Better Life Medical hormone therapy that allows you to reduce your caloric intake while protecting your muscle and resetting your metabolism.

Provider Exam and Support During Treatment

Regular monitoring of your progress is important this is why we monitor you each and every week. Everyone can have set backs and the key is to catch them quickly and to identify the reasons for them. Weekly monitoring can help us to get you back on track as soon as possible so that you can continue with the progress towards your goals.

Vitamin Injections

About Our Vitamin Injections

As part of our program we incorporate vitamin injections that can be done one to two times a week. They include the B-complex of vitamins along with amino acids to help your immune system, digestive health and give you amazing energy.

Medication Dispensed on Site*

Get started on day one!

You will be eager to start your weight loss program as soon as possible, and we make it easy. We will dispense your FDA approved prescription right away, so you can get started with your appetite suppressant. This eliminates the need to wait in line at a pharmacy to get your prescription filled. *Not available in all states.

Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone is called the "male hormone", and is responsible for giving men their masculine qualities. A man's testosterone levels peak some time in their twenties, and decreases annually from that point. According to recent research, decreased testosterone production can influence the aging process more than previously realized. We use testosterone replacement therapy to set the levels back to optimal levels, which allows the body to regain functioning levels last seen the hormone level started to decrease.

Advantages of Testosterone replacement therapy are:

  • Sexual function and sex drive improvements
  • Body mass and bone density improvements
  • Memory improvements and ability to focus.
  • Improved fat distribution
  • Better sleep quality
  • State of mind improvements, decreased depression, more enjoyment and self confidence.

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