The HCG Diet Program and How It Helps In Weight Loss

We all have been searching for a weight loss program that won’t take too much of our time, money, and effort. This is why Better life Medical in Knoxville strives to deliver TOP WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAMS that are personalized per client.

All clients of Better Life Medical undergo an assessment administered by our professional team of medical professionals who then customize a weight loss program suited for your body and needs.

A popular duo prescribed by our providers is the HCG Diet Program paired with a Prescription Drug Program. Many of our clients are hesitant to try the HCG Program because they are unaware of its process and benefits.

What Is the HCG Diet Program?

The HCG Diet Program is a hormone administered either by injection or sublingually through drops, pellets or sprays. Patients who have tried this typically lose 1-2lbs per day because this program allows patients to lose fat tissues directly.

To complete the HCG Diet Program, a balanced meal is suggested. Each meal has to include one type of protein, one type of vegetable, one type of bread and one type of fruit. Your sugar intake must be lessened and it is advised to switch to sweeteners and other alternatives.

Our friendly team will be happy to assist you in planning out a detailed program and to answer any concerns you may have regarding it.

We have over 5,000+ happy patients treated with our research proven programs! Take the first step into contouring your body and enjoying long lasting results by availing of our FREE WIEGHT LOSS CONSULTATION.

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